Thursday, July 21, 2016
Peplum, Paige Avenue, Summer Outfit

Summer Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger, Peplum Shirt
Mint Hair, LIpSense, Bravo LipSense

Peplum Shirt, Summer Outfit, Modest Fashion Blogger

Blue Hair, Summer Outfit, Sole Society Sandals

Mint Hair, Utah Fashion Blogger, Gladiator Sandals

Top: Paige Avenue || Jeans (on sale): Old Navy || Sandals c/o: Sole Society || Hat c/o (on sale): Sole Society || 18 hour lasting lipstick (color: Bravo): LipSense || Photos: The High Pines

Hey hey!!

Well, here is the cold hard truth. I have gained 10 pounds. I was doing soooooo good with exercising and eating healthy. I had an injury and got busy selling LipSense all around the same time and I stopped working out and starting drinking soda and now here I am. Someone kick my butt for me!! 

I was doing some research and came across a few articles. I'm sure this is no secret but sugar is just as addictive as hard core drugs. Obviously they do not have the same affect, but sugar is as addictive as any drug. Is this terrifying and so true or what?! For me, it has to be all or nothing. I can't do moderation. I have a problem. If I have sugar, I binge. I can't eat until I'm satisfied. I eat until I can't breath and i'm completely miserable. I have completely thrown my diet out the window and all my progress and i'm so busy (which is an excuse) that I keep putting it off every single day. I keep saying I will start on Monday and then Monday rolls around and I say i'll start Tuesday. This is a serious issue. It is scary and my body doesn't handle all this junk like it used to. If I eat bad for a week I will gain so much weight and feel like crap. Yet, I keep doing it. 

I love food. I mean, who doesn't?! It is so hard to give up everything greasy and yummy, all the sugar, and all the bad carbs. I'm not one to even do cheat meals. Once I taste it and have that cheat meal, I got crazy. Luckily my husband is very healthy and we only have organic foods in our house. When i'm at home its easier to be healthy, so naturally I go out and hit up the drive throughs. You guys, what the heck do I do? Is anyone else like this? 

And i'm sure some people will tell me I can do a treat a week or to have food in moderation but, it DOES NOT work for me. Like I said before, it's all or nothing. So now the challenge is to start. I need to start again and start working out. It makes me sick that I let myself get to this. When I feel like crap I am tired, slow, no energy, and my clothes don't fit. My belly is hanging like it did when I first had the baby and I have lost all progress. My body is aching again and I have no motivation. Looking in the mirror should be motivation enough, but unfortunately it's not. 

I would love tips. How do you get yourself to start? How do you get yourself to hate bad food? I know some people who only eat to provide nutrients and energy to their bodies. It is amazing!! I want to look at food as that. I'm treating my body like a garbage can and it's the only body I have. This is hard to write and a little embarrassing to admit that I have a huge problem. I look forward to eating every day. I want to eat when i'm celebrating, when i'm sad, absolutely any excuse. I'm hoping by talking about it I can find others that are similar that can help me or offer solutions! 

My outfit today would have looked much better a few weeks ago. I'm having to wear bigger shirts and peplum tops to hide my tummy. That is the truth of it. I'm ashamed. Peplum tops are my favorite regardless, but I would love to get back to a point where I can wear a tighter fitted dress or a shirt that is a little more snug without having to wear spanx and other items that suck me in. 

Thanks for reading this novel. This is a real problem for me and I have struggled for so long. Unfortunately as i'm getting older my body isn't going to put up with it and i'm putting my health at risk. I know some people will get annoyed at this post and say I look skinny, but let me just throw out there that I know how to hide my flaws. I can hide it when I gain 20 pounds except in my face haha. I am tall and have an easier time hiding it, but that is no excuse to eat unhealthy and treat my body like crap. I can't wait to hear your suggestions and experiences!! I appreciate it so much!!


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