Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Cara Loren Shop, Keep It Simple Tee, Jean Skirt

Keep It Simple Shirt, ASOS denim skirt, Utah Fashion Blogger

Mint Hair, Cara Loren Shop, Modest Blogger

Newlie Diaper Bag, Newlie, Best Diaper Bag

Cute Diaper Bag, Newlie, Spring Outfit

Diaper Bag, Diaper Backpack, Jean Skirt

ASOS, ASOS denim skirt, Jean skirt

Newlie, Cara Loren Shop, ASOS

Utah Fashion Blogger, Jean Skirt, Cara Loren Shop

Newlie, Diaper Bag, Best Diaper Bag

Top: Cara Loren || Skirt: ASOS || Shoes: (similar here, here & here) || Diaper Bag c/o: Newlie (use code REDCLOSET for 10% off) || Photos: The High Pines

Happy Hump Day!!

It seems like this week has flown by! Just got back from vacationing the last week and now I'm trying to get back in the every day responsible "get things done" groove. ;)

Today my outfit is centered around my cute new diaper bag! When it comes to diaper bags I look at a few things. This bag passes my check list! First, I look to make sure it's easy to hold/carry while I have a baby in my arms or I have a baby in a carseat in my arms. This bag is not only a backpack but it has a shoulder strap or you can hold it like I am in the last picture. I don't have a diaper bag that can be worn three different ways so this is huge for me!! 

Second, lots of storage and pockets! This is something I need because I am an organizational freak. I hate reaching into a diaper bag and having to pull out a million things before I find what I am looking for. There is also an insulated pocked in this bag that is great to store milk! 

My third reason may sound silly, but I want a bag that not only goes with my outfits, but can grow with me and the baby. This does just that. I love the color of the bag, and I also love that I can wear this as a backpack as Charly is a baby and then wear it crossbody when she is a toddler and a little more independent and as she gets old I can use it as my purse with her snacks and a few toys in it. This is a bag I would wear with my outfits and take with me even if I didn't have a child. Huge bonus!!

You can check out a few more closer up shots and shots of inside the bag HERE!! 

As I was looking at these pictures I got a good laugh because my skirt is so wrinkly. Being a mom a few of my priorities have changed and i'm lucky to get out the door with clothes on sometimes so ironing them is not always in my head. I guess all I can do is laugh right?! I have been wanting a jean skirt for a long time so I was very excited to find this one. 

And just as my shirt says, keep it simple!! ;) Have a great Wednesday!


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