Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Choies, Crop Top, Ripped Jeans

Alysia Shoes, Zebra Print, Comfortable Flats

Choies, Accessory Concierge, Blue Hair

Spring Outfit, Black Bag, ASOS Jeans

Ripped Jeans, Black Purse, Utah Fashion Blogger

Blue Hair, Crop Top, Spring Outfit, Modest Fashion Blogger

Crop Top, Choies, Cute Spring Top

Spring Outfit, Ripped Jeans, Utah Fashion Blogger

Top (ON SALE $10) c/o: Choies || Jeans: ASOS || Flats c/o: Alysia || Purse c/o: BagINC || Turqoise Layered Necklace c/o: Taudrey Jewelry || Turquoise Layered Bracelet c/o: Taudrey Jewelry || Leopard Bracelet c/o: Accessory Concierge || Photos: Alexis Foust Photography


I bet by the title of this post you may have a great idea about what I'm going to talk about today! :) Before I got into crop tops lets chat about flats. I have the hardest time finding flats that are comfortable. I received these beauties courtesy of Alysia and I am so excited to share them with you. The back of the flats go up higher so there is no rubbing and blister damage right in the middle of your heel. When I find a good flat It's definitely share worthy! Alysia has some adorable shoes, very high quality, and great prices!! Check it out!

Now let's talk crops. I love them. Why?! I have 5 reasons why!!

1. Breastfeeding friendly. I have given up on button ups (yuck) and trying to find things that zip down. I am now all about the crops. So easy to pull up and feed baby!

2. Easy to Style. The crop top is one of the easiest tops to style in my opinion. Because of the length they are easy to throw on with jeans like pictured above, and even with skirts! I am all about easy styling!

3. You can layer crops. Although I am not layering in this outfit, they are so great to layer. Throw a blazer on, a cute vest, a long cardigan... the options are endless!

4. Great for hot days. Think about it. Maybe it won't make a night and day different, but the least amount of clothing during the hot summer months, the better! 

5. Because they are cute. This one is a given. I haven't seen a crop top I didn't love. Find your length that works for your body and personality and try the crop out! 

The shirt I am wearing today is my favorite length of crop. I don't like too short though and since I am a modest blogger, I won't show any skin. Because of this some crops do not work for me! Best news ever, this top is on sale for $10!!! Woo!! 

Are you a fan of crops?


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