Monday, April 25, 2016
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Spring Outfit, Culottes, Utah Fashion Blogger

Mermaid Hair, Culottes, Spring Outfit, Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally, Modest Fashion Blogger, Tall Girl Style

Culotte, Tall Girl Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger

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Long Tall Sally, Utah Fashion Blogger, Tall Girl Style

Tall Girl Style, Utah Fashion Blogger, Modest Outfit

Lace Up Sandals, If the Shoe Fits, Long Tall Sally

Top c/o: Long Tall Sally || Culotte Jeans c/o: Long Tall Sally || Sandals c/o: Long Tall Sally || Hat c/o Sole Society || Purse: Ross || Photos: The High Pines

Happy Monday!!

Tomorrow we leave for our trip. I am so excited, but so nervous. Cross your fingers for us that baby is happy during the flight and everything goes smoothly! 

As most of you know I am 6' tall. Sometimes I love it, but sometimes it's hard. Clothing is one of the hardest aspects of being tall. Finding shirts and pants that are long enough is quite the process. One of my biggest insecurities in the past has been my feet. I wear a size 10 shoe and sometimes I feel like i'm wearing skis. So for all of you that feel this way I have a few tips! 

Finding the perfect shoes for a larger foot is HARD. No one wants to wear shoes that make their feet feel bigger than they really are and Long Tall Sally totally get's that!! In my personal opinion, wearing flat pointy shoes is probably the most unflattering shoe for a larger foot. The foot doesn't fully reach the front because of the point, so it lengthens the foot. Although I still wear these shoes, I would say it definitely doesn't help make my feet look any smaller. 

Now let's talk about flattering! I have a theory that shoes that have any sort of heel reduce the length of your feet visually. It's probably because the shoe puts your foot at an angle. If you know anything about pictures or take pictures you know that angles are everything! 

These shoes in my outfit today are hands down my favorite shoe I have gotten this spring. The fabric is so amazing and soft and the heel is the perfect height. Long story short, if you have bigger feet like me, I believe the most flattering shoes are the ones that have some sort of heel/wedge! They don't have to be tall, just any sort of heel! To find the perfect fit for you check out Long Tall Sally's If The Shoe Fits Campaign!

I hope your weekend was fabulous!! To follow along on our trip follow me on snapchat: jalynnschroeder


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