Thursday, March 24, 2016
Persnickety Clothing, Baby Girl Outfit, Baby Style

Baby Style, Lou Lou Dress, Baby Outfit

Baby Bow, Persnickety Clothing

Persnickety Clothing, Baby Headband, Lace

Buttons, Baby, Utah Fashion Blogger

Headband, Baby Headband, Utah Fashion Blogger

Persnickety Clothing, Lou Lou Dress, Baby Girl Spring Outfit

Baby Spring Dress, Colorful Baby Dress, Cute Baby

Persnickety Clothing, Baby Girl Dress, Spring Dress

Persnickety Headband, Utah Fashion Blogger

Dress c/o: Persnickety Clothing (Use code REDCLOSET16 for free shipping!) || Headband c/o: Persnickety Clothing || Photos: The High Pines

Little Charly is taking over the blog today and we are sharing some of our favorite spring clothing items from Persnickety Clothing! If you haven't heard of them, you can thank me later! Their clothing is gorgeous and very high quality. Absolutely stunning!!

I made sure to share some detailed shots of Charly's dress and headband because it is so pretty! The other thing I love about these dresses is she is going to be able to wear this for quite a while! I know babies grow like weeds and are usually only able to wear things a couple months if that. This dress is 3-6 months and she will easily be able to wear it for the next 3-4 months if not longer!

The bright colors, lace detail, buttons, bows... I am in love! These make the perfect outfits for your little ones, and they would even make the cutest baby shower or birthday gift! Let's be honest, you would be the gift giving favorite at the party! ;)

Here are a few more of my favorite Persnickety Clothing spring pieces:

From left to right: Avery Top || Kiera Romper || Easter Hopscotch Dress || Rose Tunic

Have you ever purchased from Persnickety Clothing? If so, share in the comments! If not, get shopping!! Don't forget to use code REDCLOSET16 for FREE shipping!!

This weeks featured blogger is.. From Earth to Style

This look is classic and simple perfection! This is a look everyone can achieve with simple layering, but she pulls it off so well! Stop by and show her some love!!

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