Tuesday, February 2, 2016
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Utah Fashion Blogger, Modest Fashion Bloggers, Winter Style

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Miss Tara Brooke, The Red Closet Diary, Utah Fashion Bloggers

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Winter Outfits, Utah Fashion Blogger, Modest

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My Outfit: Top (very similar): Forever 21 || Jacket (sold out): Cotton On (similar here & here) || Booties: Charlotte Russe || Leggings: ASOS || Necklace: Thrifted (similar here & here) || Photos: B Guerrette Photography

Tara's Outfit: Top: c/o Pink Blush || Denim: Target  || Boots: Charlotte Russe || Hat: Similar here

One thing I am so grateful for, is this girl right here. When you grow up and deal with adult things, I have noticed some friendships get stronger and some fade away due to being in different parts of life. Me and Tara got pregnant around the same time and both our pregnancies were VERY unplanned. I have been able to talk to her through the whole process and now we have the cutest little babies and are already planning on forcing them to be best friends! ;) Check her out at Miss Tara Brooke!

I have talked A LOT about postpartum everything. Every body type is different and everyone gains weight in different places and deals with different postpartum challenges. Me and Tara are sharing our experiences below and what has helped. Just know whatever you see on social media is not always real life. We don't all bounce back to size 0's. ;)

For me, I gained 55+ pounds while being pregnant. I lost 30 pounds within two weeks after having the baby. I assume most of this was all the fun stuff that came out with baby, a lot of water weight, and hopefully a few fat pounds. Luckily I am tall and I hide the extra 25 pounds with the help of spanx, and my leggings that SUCK me in. I got A LOT of stretch marks and now have a huge gapping belly button with a very gross stretched out old belly button ring piercing. It is not pretty. Yes, it's worth it, but as women we want to still feel pretty!! Knowing how to dress myself and hide my stomach and upper thighs has been huge for me to help me not feel as self conscious. So there is the cold hard truth. I sure love my baby girl, but these body changes are hard!

For Tara (straight from Tara's mouth): Boobs. these are a thing now. I have had to learn how to dress these sisters. I was used to wearing bralets & now I wear a real bra & to feel comfortable in my clothing & to feel like my sisters aren’t out and about I wear a tight tank top under most of my clothing (something I NEVER did before). All I wanted when I was pregnant was to wear jeans. After i had my baby I was about 3 sizes larger than I was before I had her & none of my jeans would even come up over my thighs. Buying inexpensive jeans that fit my NOW body was very important to me feeling comfortable. I bought jeans (okay jeggings) with a bit of stretch and about a half size too small so I could wear them in.

Here are the items I use all day every day that have SAVED me! I did a lot of research and besides just helping suck me in, belly binding has HUGE perks and is very beneficial to a postpartum body. If you have any secrets/advice please let me know in the comments!!!




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