Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Choies, Pink Blush Maternity, Utah Fashion Blogger

Fall Outfit, Winter Outfit, Pregnant Style

Pregnant Style, Winter Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger

Choies, Pink Blush Maternity, Utah Fashioin Blogger

Maternity Fashion, Maternity Style, Utah Fashion Blogger

Maternity Style, Maternity Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger

Pink Blush Maternity, Utah Fashion Blogger, Winter Outfit

Pink Blush Maternity, Choies, Utah Fashion Blogger

Knee High Boots, Maroon Boots, Choies

Bundle Organics, Organic Juice

Top c/o: Pink Blush Maternity || Vest: Forever 21 || Maternity Leggings: Preggo Leggings || Boots: Choies || Hat: H&M || Juices c/o: Bundle Organic Juices

Hey hey!!

Today is my 37 week doctor appt. I'm praying for some sort of news. I know it doesn't mean anything, but 19 more days left seems like forever. I'm officially sick, and I feel like my body is shutting down. Yay for the end!!

Today I'm layering up and trying to stay warm! It sure got cold quick! I wore this tunic in my early stages of pregnancy here. I love pieces I can transition from season to season! And these boots... due to being so tall these thigh high boots barely cover my knees, but I still love them! The maroon boots add such a fun pop of fall color to my outfits I have worn them with. I also wore these boots last week with one of my favorite outfits up to date here!!! 

If you have followed me for a while, you probably know I have a love for juices. I love juice cleanses and I love cleaning out my body and feeling nice and refreshed. Since I can't do any cleansing, I found the PERFECT option! These Bundle Organic Juices are made specifically for pregnant/new moms/nursing moms! These compliment prenatals and they make a perfect snack, or to go along with your favorite meal. You can subscribe and save monthly here, or order them as desired in small packs. If you try them, let me know how you like them! I'm picky when it comes to juices and flavors and I was pleasantly surprised with these. So yummy!!

Have a great Tuesday!


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