Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Choies, Sporty Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger

Chicago, Sporty Outfit, Modest Outfit

Choies, Maternity Outfit, Pregnant Outfit, Ripped Jeans

Sporty Outfit, Pregnant Style, Maternity Style, Utah Fashion Blogger

Maternity Outfit, Choies, Ripped Jeans, Maternity Style

Maternity Style, Baseball Outfit, Sporty Outfit

Baseball Top c/o: Choies || Undershirt: Styles For Less || Maternity Jeans: ASOS || Converse: 6PM || Baseball Hat: Urban Outfitters

Hey friends!

So sorry for being MIA this week! I had lots of good intentions and packed 6 outfits on my trip and did I wear anything other than my husbands basketball shorts or event attempt to get ready? Yeah... didn't happen.

I have so many cute outfits to share so hopefully I can shove them all into the next upcoming weeks before baby comes. Speaking of baby... she is quite the mover. Not just kicking but moving all over the place. It's so cool and uncomfortable at the same time. It's like that feeling when you are about to go over a huge drop on a roller coaster or when your airplane leaves the ramp and takes off. That is the only way I can explain it! I keep trying to tell my husband how weird it feels but the description just never comes out right. With that being said, despite the weirdness I love love love to feel her move all day every day. It gives me the peace of mind knowing she is doing great and nothing is wrong.

Today's outfit was inspired by all this sports business going on. The baseball and the football business. I have never been a huge baseball fan, but I will admit (don't judge hehe) that I have wanted to always become a fan purely so I could buy a cute top like this one! This Choies top doesn't belong to a specific team so it's as close as I'm going to get! Just another reason I love Choies, I can literally find the most unique and cute items at killer prices!

This weeks pick is..... Because I Said So!

This outfit is the perfect pre-fall/end of summer outfit. It is still pretty hot outside so this outfit is the perfect mix! So cute girl!

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Have a great weekend loves!


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