Sunday, June 28, 2015
Siloe Boutique, Tropical Swimming Suit, Modest

Summer Look, Blonde Hair

Swimming Suit, Siloe Boutique, Utah Fashion Blogger

Maternity Swim

360 Swimwear, Siloe Boutique, Cover Up

Swimming Suit, Summer Style

Summer Style, Utah Fashion Blogger

Lace Kimono, Siloe Boutique

Swimsuit c/o: Saha Swimwear || Cover c/o: Siloe Boutique || Sunnies: Cotton On

Thanks for stopping by today!!

I am excited to share with you ANOTHER great suit. Why is it great? I got this right when I found out I was pregnant. Since I didn't want to announce yet, I waited to wear it. it still fits and I am just as in love with it as when I got it. I LOVE this suit from the fit, to the mixed prints to how comfortable it is!

No matter what your body type, or if you are carrying a baby and a little extra weight like me, you can find any style of swimming suit and rock it with confidence! Swimwear 360 has so many amazing options from bikinis, tankinis, to full piece suits like this one

Let's talk about this cardigan... because I just love this too! I had every intention of wearing this with an outfit, which I still do, but when I tried it on over this swimming suit I fell in love. Although i'm sure the intentions of this were not to wear over a swimming suit, it adds so much to the look along with gave me much more confidence with this baby bod of mine!

Check out Siloe Boutique for some really cute finds!

Have a great Monday!


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