Tuesday, June 2, 2015

|| Dress: ASOS || Heels: Nordstrom (similar here & here & here) || Baby c/o: My husband hehehe

Well if you haven't figured it out already, we are having a BABY!! Woah, I know. This is the reason I have been MIA for a month. It has been a crazy (sick) month and this pregnancy was completely unexpected. Unexpected as in we were preventing, not trying. So, it must have been time for us to have a baby!! On that note, I would like to throw it out there that I am BEYOND grateful for this and I am soooooo happy!!! Although it wasn't expected, I have had fears that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant for a few reasons, so I was overwhelmed with happiness when I found out.

So here is my official 11 1/2 week bumpdate!! And I know this is a tad early to be announcing, but I am clearly showing and can't hide it anymore so.... hopefully this baby will be healthy and we will not have any issues.

This first trimester has been a little rough. I haven't had morning or night sickness, but all day sickness. I haven't thrown up once, but I have been nauseated all.day.long. Luckily that only lasted up until this week and it hasn't been so bad since. I'm still sick but not as much. Hopefully it will continue to look up! Going to work while feeling sick all day has been pretty hard. Food has controlled my life. If I don't stay on top of eating, I get sooo sick. So sick as in, nauseated on top of sick on top of sick. I never thought I would hate and love food so much haha. Nothing ever sounds good and I have to eat. I hope that more foods will sound better to me so I can start eating a little healthier!

I have already gained a little weight especially in my face and arms, I'm sure you can tell. I hope to start going to the gym now that I am feeling a little better. With being so sick lately and sooooo tired, the gym has not been something I was able to do at all, but I am determined to get back on the horse and at least do a little every day!

Now, I want to hear your experiences if you are a momma for the end of your first trimester and beginning of your second trimester! This is completely new to me, so share away! I would love to hear any advice, suggestions etc...


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