Thursday, February 26, 2015

|| Cardigan: Cotton On (here & here)
|| Shirt: Good hYOUman
|| Flats: Windsor Store (similar here & here)
|| Leggings: Cotton On (similar here & here)
|| Sunnies: Forever 21
|| Necklace: Aeropostale (similar here)

It's me again! :)

Last month I went to Cali with husband for a little vaca. While I was there I did a little shopping with my best friend. It turns out February is a great time to go shopping for winter clothing because I got a lot of cute cardigans and sweaters for very very cheap. This cardigan included. It was a great purchase because I have worn it 4 times now! 

Last night ended my 3 day cleanse with Just Organic Juice. I have officially tried three cleanses now, one of them multiple times and I can honestly say this was my favorite. Here are are a few reasons:

My first cleanse I ever tried was called Suja Juice. I didn't love a few of the juices which made for a rough few days! This one was not only the most expensive, but because there were a few I didn't love I never wanted to try it again. 

My second cleanse was Mend Juice which was a local juice company. There were also two juices I did not love of this cleanse and the price was higher as well. 

My third cleanse is called Dvine Juice. This is also a local small company. I loved this one because the flavors are custom by you. You choose what you like and don't like and the owner Dani is the cutest gal around. Also, the juice is only $25 a day which is much more affordable for some people. The downfall for this one is I was hungry a lot because they are smaller bottles. The juices didn't feel me up and I was a little on the grumpy side due to being hungry (sorry husband).

Last... Just Organic Juice!!! 

Being 100% honest, I LOVED this one. I was full 100% of the time. Not hungry, not craving anything, but full! I liked all the flavors and loved some of them. There are 3 options on this cleanse, a soft boot cleanse, a hard boot cleanse, and an X boot cleanse or you can build your own cleanse. I did the hard boot cleanse and it was far from it. I was very happy with the results. I lost a few pounds, but more importantly I reset my system. I feel SOOO good. I have energy again and it cleaned out all the bad so I have a fresh new start! This cleanse is $169 for 3 days which is only $56 a day.

Have you tried a cleanse before? If so please share your experience below!!!

Annnnndddddd sorry to make you go find me, but I am giving away a Just Organic Juice cleanse to one lucky reader on Instagram!! So... go find me (@jalynnschroeder) to enter!!

And last but not least... join the cute Ashley and I for our weekly link up! Can't wait to see what you come up with! 

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