Tuesday, January 27, 2015

|| Shirt c/o: The Shopping Bag (on sale)
|| Boots: Forever 21
|| Jeans: Forever 21
|| Fur: TJ Maxx

There are three things that you can count on in life – death, taxes, and fashion styles changing every 
season.  With every drop and jump in the temperature outside, a whole new collection of trends and styles emerge for the fashion-savvy citizen.  This winter is no exception; as the calendar flips to a new year, a slew of new looks arrive in stores, looking to find their way into your closet.

Hot this winter for the ladies, the Statement Coat gives you a chance to show off your personal style  with bold colors or distinctive prints or patterns, while staying warm and cozy.  From big checkerboard prints to wild plaid designs, the Statement Coat lets you show off your personality without shivering your way through the winter.  Check out Lands End for a great selection of Statement Coats.

Sweater tunics are big this season as well!  Loose, breezy, and comfy, these oversized sweaters can fit in to any occasion, from cuddling up at home to a night out on the town.  From waist-length to knee-length, with or without belts, you can find a style that suits your taste and your budget.  Take a look at Lane Bryant for brand new sweater designs.

When summer rolls around, the miniskirt will no doubt make another return, but for this winter season, the “midiskirt” – a skirt with a length falling just below the knee – is one of the hottest looks.  Paired with boots or tights, the longer skirts can keep you snug and warm through the coldest winter while giving you a break from the typical parade of pants that the winter brings.

 Speaking of boots, the classic look of knee-high leather boots is popular every winter, and this one is no exception.  In addition to the more traditional below knee design, this winter sees more and more boot styles stretching above the knee, even midway up the thigh (like the ones I am wearing today).  New materials make the tall boots comfortable no matter what the design. Dozens of winter boot styles can be found at UGG Australia stores.

The turtleneck sweater has been a stalwart of winter clothing, drifting in and out of fashion graces  throughout the years.  This year, the turtleneck is back in the form of the hot Chunky Turtleneck.  Extra length and extra layers of material bundle up near the neck of the Chunky Turtleneck adds warmth and a touch of unique style to the traditional design this winter.  For a comfy go anywhere outfit, the Chunky Turtleneck can be paired with a favorite pair of leggings – and maybe your new knee-high boots!

Whether it’s the Statement Coat, sweater shirt, knee-high boots, the Chunky Turtleneck, or any other  new winter fashion trend that strikes your fancy, you can shop for it at  Frugaa scours the web to bring you great deals and coupon codes from hundreds of your favorite shops and online retailers.  With over 35,000 deals just waiting for you, click over to Frugaa to grab your codes and save big on your winter clothing purchases!

I am off to Cali in the morning. Disney, sunshine, husband, and NO WORK. OMG I might never come home. Enjoy your week. :)


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  1. I have different styles of brown teddy coats that I can't wait to wear again this fall/winter. Love to accessorize them with unique colors like chartreuse green, heavy cream scarf or t-neck, navy blue. Winter Fashion Trends

  2. You could probably get a cuter one for less but you should put your hair up with pearl earnings and paint your nails sparkly gold and makeup put some blush on and do your eye shadow a tan beige color.

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