Sunday, September 14, 2014

|| Kimono c/o: (similar) Styles For Less
|| Top: Target
|| Pants: Nordstrom
|| Boots: Forever 21
|| Necklace: Forever 21
|| Hat c/o: Styles For Less
|| Bag: Michael Kors

This week has been crazy and the week coming up will be just as crazy! My sis gets married this week and I have a big photo shoot coming up! I might be dead by the time Sunday rolls around again!

I wore this outfit on our date night last night. I have been on the search for the perfect over the knee boot with the perfect heel and have bought 3 pairs so far. I love these boots, but I want more of a heel instead of a chunky heel and a taller boot. The hunt continues! 

I have officially lost 10 pounds! I am working really hard to get back to pre-wedding weight. It is sad that within a year and a half I gained 20 pounds. EEEEkk! I have missed that healthy feeling! I already feel so much better and confident. It is crazy what a few pounds can do. I would love to lose 10 more pounds and be back to a healthy weight, living a healthy lifestyle ad exercising. I sure love my food, but feeling good is a pretty great feeling!

I started a cleanse today to officially clean out all the bad and reset my body. It is very yummy! I have 6 drinks and have to drink a lot of water in between each one. I will update you on Tuesday with how it is going! I am only doing 2-3 days.

Have a great Monday!

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