Thursday, February 27, 2014

| Top c/o: Annie Jean Apparel
| Skirt c/o: Annie Jean Apparel
| Heels: Ross

You can never go wrong with all black. Never! Black is slimming and awesome, period. I am sure that there is some scientific truth behind that. Now that my hair is a tad bit lighter on the ends expect to see more black. I just love black. These two pieces are adorable when paired together. Thank goodness for Annie Jean and their cute clothes! 

Do any of you have eyelash extension? I never was the type of person to get "fake" anything, but now I am all about it. Lets be honest. Before I got these, I went to work with no makeup on anyways. This at least helps me not look sick or tired AND saves me so much time. I love waking up and going to work and not having to put mascara or eye liner on or even care. If you live in Utah and are looking for someone to do your extension, I know someone pretty awesome who does them at a great price. Message me if you want her info!


I am making this short and sweet! Have a fantastic weekend!

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