Wednesday, January 1, 2014

| Sweater: Forever 21 
| Jeans: Old Navy 
| Booties: Go Jane 
| Beanie: Go Jane 
| Sun Glasses: Amazon

When I was in 6th grade I remember saying how crazy it was going to be when we reached the year 2000. Here we are at 2014. So weird. I don't love that the years are flying, especially since I am just getting older, fatter, and achier. :) Oh the joys of becoming an adult, right?!

I thought this was an appropriate top, considering we are entering a brand new year. Just like our birthday, another year reminds us of another year gone by. I don't know about you, but when 25 hit I was okay with not getting older. It scares me. I realize that it is going to happen whether I want it to or not. So... here comes the oh so overused phrase, "keep calm". 

Instead of fearing getting older, I am going to enjoy and embrace my age and the surgeries, aches, pains, wrinkles, and weight that come with it. I already have a husband so I guess I don't have that much to be concerned about (jokes.. kinda). 

So here it is. Here are my few resolutions and why I am doing it. Everyone does it, it's a thing, so you might as well join in (some sarcasm included).

1. Eat better and cut out sugar (insert sad face here) Why? The truth is, I have gained 25 pounds since I have been married. Most people say they can't tell, but I can definitely tell. Time to get my bootay to the gym... and attempt to cut out sugar. eeeeek.

2. Positive. Why? How many crappy days do you look back on and think, "I wish I wouldn't have done that, or let that ruin my day...etc". We all do it. I have learned that we do indeed control our own happiness, as annoying as that may be. When the crap storm starts coming, I am going to do my best to seek the positive. Period. Wish me luck (PMS time doesn't count hehe).

3. Us time. Who is us? Us = me and my husband. Why? Because he is my husband, duh. And on a more serious note, he is the most important person to me and that should be reason enough. I have made a goal to spend less time in front of my computer and tv, and more quality time with my man. 

4. Church Stuff. Why? If you do or you don't believe in something higher, that is fine by me. I am Mormon, and along with that comes responsibility and a lot of learning. My goal this year is to spend more time learning, studying, and connecting. This to me is true happiness. 

5. Projects. Why? I miss doing projects. I am determined to bust out my sewing machine this year and get learning. Along with that, my goal is to get some decorating done. Sheesh I am the worst girl ever. Decorating is not my thing weirdly enough, but I am about to make it my thing. Projects 2014 here I come!

I could probably list a million more, but I'll just leave it at that. People hate on New Years resolutions, but whatevs. At least you are trying! Life is all about growing, improving and becoming your best self. So let's make this year a good one!

See ya 2013.

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