Thursday, January 30, 2014

| Jacket:  (similar) Nordstrom
| Tee: H&M
| Leggings: Cotton On
| Boots: Shiekh Shoes

If you are wondering why the weather looks so fantastic, it's because it was. My quick trip to Vegas was too short. I couldn't soak up enough sun and now I am back in Utah freezing my buns off! Since I didn't pack with the intentions to go to Vegas, I had dresses, heels and this outfit. Black is my go to. I might say it is my favorite color. Or lack there-of. ;)

Now time for the fun stuff. I have A LOT going on today! I have a link up and a giveaway (starts on Friday at midnight, be patient :)) !! You know the drill...... ;)

I teamed up with a bunch of amazing bloggers and businesses to bring you this amazing giveaway. Not only will one person walk away with $200 Paypal cash, but there are many other prizes up for grabs. Good Luck!!

Grand Prize: $200 Paypal Cash

Runners Up: $100 Walmart Gift Card, $25 Sephora Gift Card, Discount Cards by: DealsPlusCard

Sphere of Life Necklace: By Girl In Betsey

Decorative Pillows by: SproutzDesign

Enter via the Rafflcopter below. 

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We can't get enough of Tara's adorable suspenders - we don't think anyone could pull these off like her. We are also loving the pattern mixing. Very cute and fashionable!
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  1. I spend my Valentines watching movies, in comfy pjs.

  2. For Valentine's, love just having some takeout and then candy for dessert while watching a romantic movie.

  3. I can't wait to spend my vdau snuggled up to my lover boy.

    xx Laur

  4. I'll probably go out with my friends on Valentine's day

  5. We generally go out to eat at a nice restaurant. And main tradition is to take photos in a photo booth each year!

  6. This year, I have a dentist appt. on Valentine's Day! No fun.

  7. This is my first Valentines in a long time with someone. I'm not sure what we'll do. Probably a nice dinner.

  8. Usually we go out to eat and a movie or something, this is may be different if I have to work. I might switch it up and not do Valentine's day on "Valentine's day" so it wont be so crowded!

  9. I go out to dinner with my boyfriend. :)

  10. We don't do much for valentine's day, sometimes exchanging a card. We always go shopping for discount valentine's day candy the day after though!


  11. im flying to DC for valentines:)