how I became me

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Top (similar): Forever 21, Skirt (similar): ASOS, Heels: OASAP, Bag: Target

Well hello!

I have some exciting news to share... if you didn't already see it... my new job! I just got hired (today) as an assistant buyer for GroopDealz. I am BEYOND excited. I may have screamed in my car. You can laugh. Let me just say that this has been my *dream* job pretty much my whole life. Well, at least since I developed a love for fashion. I am lucky and feel so blessed to be given this opportunity. EEEkk!!

Next item of business. I don't really talk personal talk much on here but, today I am!

When I was younger I didn't know who I was or where I stood. Kids were real mean to me throughout elementary and junior high for how I looked and what I wore (I was tall, gangly and super awkward). I wanted to fit in and wear what the "popular girls" were wearing. Well, it never happened and I felt like an outcast almost always. As I got older and developed my own weird style, I became more comfortable in my own skin, not trying to be perfect or wear what the "popular girls" are wearing. I realize i'm not top blogger status and I don't wear designer clothes, I don't have perfect long hair with white teeth, or flawless eyelashes and I'm most definitely not a size 2 (more like a size 10). I don't know how to do my makeup perfectly (nor do I want to look fake) so I just wear eye liner/ mascara with an occasional fun lipstick. I am just me! No fake or cover ups, just me, and I am proud of that!

I started this blog to share my style and show my personality through my outfits. I realize that most of my outfits might not appeal to most people. I realize a lot of my outfits are out there and too much for people. Well, sorry?! (not really). I am sure some people might like them once in a while and that is good enough for me. I never started this blog with the purpose of trying to impress other people or wear what everyone else is wearing. I don't have a "style" or a category I fit into. Depending on my mood, sometimes I want to be girly, sometimes I want to be grunge, and sometimes I just want to wear casual comfortable clothes. Isn't that how it should be? I don't think anyone needs to have a certain style and stick to it.

This blog has been sort of an outlet for me. From when I started to now, I have developed confidence and I have finally found out who I am. I get to share my weird style, I get to talk about fashion, and the best thing, I have made so many amazing friends. That alone, is worth it to me. I have met so many people and developed friendships with girls (not just bloggers) I would have never even crossed paths with otherwise. This blog is rewarding, fun and wonderful. Negativity just isn't allowed here. Sorry! :) If you don't like what you see, I don't think anyone is forcing you to stop by. Super simple. I love all my followers and I love all your sweet comments! I can't wait to continue to meet people and continue on with the greatest hobby ever! I am excited to see where it takes me, but I can promise you I will always be me!

What do you think? I would love to hear comments!

Have a great weekend!

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p.s. for a skirt like mine, see below :)