floral: the good, the rad, and the ugly

Friday, May 17, 2013

Shirt/Pants: TJ Maxx, Sandals/Watch: Cotton On, Necklace/Bracelet: groopdealz.com

It is theeee weeeeeekend. I am stoked. We are doing house stuff alllllll weekend long. Friday night we are going to Kate Nash. If you haven't listened to her, you should. She is darling and very talented. As for the rest of the weekend, we are putting together and organizing as much of our house as we can. It should be a party.

Well I will leave the rest to the good, the rad, and the ugly...

- I am alive. That is always good right?!
- Husband survived strep. He was such a trooper this week
- Me and my volleyball partner took 2nd in our volleyball tournament. Not a bad start.
- Kate Nash on Friday and Imagine Dragons on Monday. Concert fun!

- IKEA owned us tonight (Thursday night) aka we bought a lot... and it's rad because our house will be that much closer to being done. hooray!
- Got my hairs did. I just love it. Went with ombre to spice up my summer look.
- Got rid of 6 garbage bags of clothes... feels good to do some spring cleaning.

- Sickness. I hate it. No one should be sick when it's warm outside. 
- The weather this weekend. Going from high 80s to 60's. boo.
- Watched the season finale of The Office. Pretty sad. Not ugly, but just sad. 

Enjoy your weekend! PS... if you want to see the watch winners, check out my Instagram :)

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