12 day packing guide. the good, the rad, and the ugly.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let me just tell you that I did not plan any of this. I packed after our reception, hours before we had to leave to get on our flight. Yes, I am a procrastinator. No, I do not like planning outfits and bringing them, ever. When I plan out outfits, I end up hating them all. This time I packed a bunch of random things and ended up mixing and matching every day. Obviously this would not work if you were going somewhere that wasn't as casual. I also probably would have packed a lot less if we didn't have formal nights or nice dinners every night. 

Don't judge me, I brought a lot. But, it could have been worse. I was pretty proud I only packed two suitcases. So if you want ideas for a long trip... here you go...

< three of your favorite sunnies.

six pairs of shorts ^

< seven shirts
five hats >

v five pairs of flip flops 

< three pairs of dressy shoes
four pairs of pants/leggings >

 < eight tanks

 a lot of swimming suits (mix-and-match style) v

  <seven dresses / cover-ups
                    See.. I brought a lot. Regardless of your vacation and the time spend on your vacation, these will be necessities. good, rad, and ugly time..

- I'm STILL married. (too soon?) jokes, just jokes guys. 
- Now on a serious note, being married is more than good. Being married to a guy who knows how to treat a girl AND is the most amazing guy ever (too much to list).... well that is super-awesome-amazing-good (understatement).
- I ate a lot of yummy food this week. Was it healthy? no. But still, very very good.
- Bought some shoes I am drooling over. and... maybe a few other things :)
- Those shoes I speak of ^^ were only $10. Now that is good. 
- Volleyball tourney this weekend. Much needed good. 
- The few hours I get with hubs every night before bed. Although they are short, they are sweet.

- I hit 900 followers on Instagram this week and over 4000 on Pose. I just love all my followers.
- I am doing a watch GIVEAWAY (or two, shhh) next week (to celebrate my followers). 
- It's mothers day this weekend. My mom is rad.
- Iron Man was awesome. If you say it wasn't, shut your face. 
- The view from our house. It is unreal. I can't get enough.
- The Lakers getting swept. Don't care who does the sweeping, as long as it's done. ;)

- This counts for more as sad, but my prayers go out to all the people suffering right now because of loved ones who have passed. It has hurt my heart this week to see all these unfortunate deaths. 
- Hubs is sick. With strep. 
- Working a lot. It means = I get tired, grumpy, sick, more tired. Weekend are you here yet?
- I ripped all my eye lashes out (I look ridiculous now), along with too many real ones. oops. But now I get to start using my eyelash serum. Grow lashes, grow!
- Living on a mountain means lots and lots of big crunchy bugs. EWWWW. 
- The inside of the house. One of these days we might have time to unpack, one day.

Enjoy your weekend!

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