let it flow: featuring Styles For Less

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shirt/Tank Top/Skirt/Necklace/Belt: Styles For Less

Hey gals. Tomorrow is marriage day and holy cow are things crazy right now. I will be gone for two weeks living the dream and soaking in some Caribbean and Florida sun for my honeymoon. Meanwhile, I will be having a few cute girls do guest posts so check back often!!

The trend right now is high waist tucked in sorta thing. On days when you eat too much food I seriously can't handle wearing super tight clothing. I know a lot of girls don't love it either. I got an email request asking me to show you how I can more casually wear long skirts without all the high waist tightness. So... here is what I came up with.

I love layering. Especially because the weather isn't amazing right now. Layer with shirts under shirts, cardigans, belts, necklaces... etc. So with this look, wearing a belt underneath your chest will suck you in around all the right places, without making you walk around trying to hide your food belly all day. I like my food, so I know my tricks. Like I say, let if flow. You can be comfortable on those not so comfortable days. 

When I get home I can't promise I won't bombard you with honeymoon and wedding pictures. I am so excited to marry this man tomorrow. I have been so lucky and blessed that my life has turned out the way it has, and I am lucky to have all the people in my life, in it.

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