The kiss that changed everything

Sunday, March 31, 2013
As I sit awake, I reminisce about this past year. I can't believe that boyfriend and I went on our first date over a year ago. Time has flown.

If you read my huge long novel post before I talked about how my boy didn't kiss me for 3-ish months. Well, after three months regardless of what was going on with us, I just really wanted him to kiss me. I mean let's be honest... you can tell if there is a chance by the way the guy kisses and the chemistry. I was curious.

It got to the point where we both knew it was going to happen and we could feel that tension in the air. I sure wasn't going to make the first move. One night we stayed up talking allll night long. All sorts of flirting going on. I knew that the kiss was going to come...

and, it didn't. I got brave enough to ask him why he didn't kiss me that night and he said it just didn't feel right at the time.

The next time we hung out we were again talking and having a good time. We were cuddled up close and the tension was in the air again. You know, when you are at this stage in a relationship and you both try to avoid eye contact because you don't know what is going to happen and you can see his eyes glance at your lips... yeah. I know their "secrets". And just to avoid anymore awkward moments this song saved us.

Thanks to Thompson Square and this song, when the words "are you gonna kiss me or not" came on, we both started laughing and that is when it happened. Couldn't have been better timing. The song. Oh this song. 

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