punk rock safari

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vest: Cotton On, Dress: Forever21, Boots: Forever Young Shoes, Lace biker shorts: Styles For Less Necklace (skull): Closet Revival, (gold): Styles For Less, 

Could this outfit be any more random? I found this dress last week and I love. I have also been loving this green vest safari trend, so naturally I had to get involved. Well after purchasing both on the same day I thought, why not put these two together and throw on some boots and make this dress casual? Well, I think it worked. I am excited to dress this dress up when I want to go out on the town, but it is great to have a casual option to ANY dress you own. Add casual boots or sandals or leggings or jacket. Options are endless.

I have talked about this before, but due to my tall-ness, dresses and skirts are a little shorter on me than the average girl. I have showed numerous times how to add length to dresses and skirts and still make them cute. Well here, I added a little more coverage with these cute little lace biker shorts. I have a few colors and wear them alllllll the time. Especially during the spring and summer when I don't want to wear leggings and die of heat. 

Happy middle of the week day! A few more days to Friday :)