pink and pups

Monday, March 4, 2013

Shirt: Marshall's, Tank: Styles For Less, Skirt: Kohls, Shoes: DSW Shoes

Me and boyfriend went to his parents house for the weekend. We got to visit our cute pups. Only one more month to go until we can bring them to our new house and I can get out of the smallest room shoved full of clothes ever. Can't describe how excited I am to have my own closet. Bigggg walk in closet. So excited.

I found these shoes while we were wedding shoe hunting. I had to have them. I love how unique and fun they are. Wedges are comfortable and I can actually walk in them and not look like a fool. This is what I wore to church. I could layer that striped shirt with anything and everything. I dread the day it gets a hole in it and I can't wear it anymore. I will wear that shirt until it's death. 

Wedding and house plans are crazy. Planning both together is not highly recommended by me. I think just trying to plan a wedding along is enough to deal with but we added in a house and our crazy jobs. Sorry If I slack on blogging. I can't promise much quality until after the wedding. Everything is go go go right now. 

Hope your weeks are all amazing. Keep those fingers crossed for some spring time lovin! I feel its just around the corner.