its time.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Necklace:, Shirt: Marshall's, Dress: Kohls, Skirt: Target, Shoes: Shiekh


Yes, it is. My favorite day of the week. Well Friday at 5:00. You know what I mean.

I have a tiny obsession with these shoes. I realize I have worn them in 50% of my outfit posts since I purchased them. I just can't help it and I will not apologize. :)

So as you know I am tall. Fashion for the most part is catered to the average girl. I am 6 feet tall, so it is not so much catered to me. When I find cute dresses such as this one I have to do a little compromising to make it long enough. I bought this skirt (black one) at target and it has been used as a layering piece quite a few times. It even looks like it is a part of the dress! Layering and mixing and matching even works with dresses.

The weekend I have finally been waiting for is here! Boyfriend and I are off to take engagements. I recently purchased myself some new hair, got my nails and my toes done, had some waxing done (first time ever, crazy i know) and even some massages. Next is eyelashes [tomorrow] and we are hitting the road and heading south for pictures! I don't think boyfriend knew what he was getting himself into when he fell in love with me. ;)

Wish us luck. You lovlies have a great weekend. So excited to share with you our engagement photos.