hairs in my hat

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hat: Urban Outfitters, Sweater/Skirt: Target, Shirt/Boots: Forever 21

My hairs were greasy today and I ran out of dry shampoo. When this happens I bust out my hats. I haven't worn this one in a very long time, but surprisingly I like it much more than I remembered.

I am so in spring mode. Winter, snow bla bla bla. So over it. I try to sneak in skirts with my outfits (like this one) just in pretend hopes that it will be 70 degrees and sunny. Well it snowed again. My pretend hopes were indeed just pretend hopes. 

Saunder's brother Tanner just got home from his mission tonight. I have never been at the airport when a missionary arrived home. It was a fun experience. There were four missionaries that arrived home at the same time. Everyone went wild. I tried not to look at anyone crying because I am a girl and if anyone cries, I cry. Even the people next to us that were complete strangers I had to look away. The group next to us was quite the large group. When their missionary returned home the little brother (about 7 years old) ran up to his brother sobbing and gave him a huge hug I just about lost it. Silly girl. Anyways, special moments. These missionaries are amazing. Rock stars Mormon style. It was fun to finally meet him and spend a little more time with my future family! Can't wait for more of that! Is it April yet?!

Boyfriend stayed up in Ogden tonight and will be there until Thursday morning with his family. I miss him like crazy already. Kinda silly. has only been 2 hours. I feel like half of me is gone. Good thing he is stuck with me for eternity. I guess I will survive for a day. 

Half way through the work week! I get to go see my dress this weekend and I am so excited I could die. Ahhh. Have a perfect Wednesday!