put a beanie on it

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beanie: Target, Shirt: Rue 21, Pants: Styles For Less, Shoes: shiekh.com, Necklace: groopdealz.com

What do you do when you wake up and don't want to get ready? Simple! Put a beanie on it. Not to mention the freezing burr cold outside, it's a little extra layering to keep you all warm. If you don't have a pair of wedges like this, ya need some. Soooo comfortable. and cute. Obvi. 

Tonight was Christmas party round one. I love any excuse to get all dressed up and pretty and go out. The food was delish and it was fun meeting all the people that work with boyfriend. I bought a few holiday dresses. They will be on the blog soon. I love them. 

Three more days guys. Three. And I get five days off. Love the holidays.

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