military inspired featuring: styles for less

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jacket/Shirt/Pants: Styles For Less, Shoes: Old Navy

It's beginning to look more like Christmas. We had a little snow grace us with it's presence this weekend. If it weren't so dang cold I might be able to enjoy it more. Just saying.

I am really into the military inspired look right now. Jackets, camo and boots. Love it all. I was able to go to the Styles For Less store in St. George this weekend. I am in LOVE with these new pants. They are my favorite kind of material, AND they are long enough.. Woooo!!!

This pink shirt is actually a leotard. I believe that is the correct term. Ya know, the shirts that snap under your crotch. I used to wear them in second grade. I love them. I thought it was a fun girly touch to my military inspired jacket and boots. 

This weekend my parents took out boyfriend and I to a steak house and a movie. At the steakhouse they bring out a 700 degree rock and you cook your own steak. It was a pretty cool experience. The best part was I could make it as bloody as I wanted. Not too excited to come back to the freezing cold, but here goes another week...