biking tights

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

 Shirt/Boots: H&M, Blazer: Charlotte Russe, Shorts: Thrifted, Tights: Forever 21

Look at that sexy motorcycle. I wish I could say it was mine. Something about motorcycles... right?! Well the owner of this beauty is a cutie. Fitting eh?! I rhyme bam! 

Summer-ish weather is almost over so I thought I would try to fit in a few more shorts/skirts posts. So stay tuned for more. A look that I will always love is the tights look. Whether it be with shorts or a skirt or a dress, they are rad. RAD! I currently have my eye on a few pair I have spotted on Pinterest and planning on tracking them down if it's the last thing I do! How do you like to wear your tights?

And most importantly. I hope you all took a moment to remember those lost on 9/11. It seems like yesterday when the tragedy struck us. I got all teary eyed driving to work hearing all the 9/11 songs with the calls and people talking. It breaks my heart. I am so glad that over all of our differences we can at least come together and remember those lost and remember those who still fight for our freedom. God bless America. <3