casual friday and GIVEAWAY announcement

Thursday, August 23, 2012

 Outfit courtesy of my Mom's closet. Skirt: Bohme, Shirt/Sandals: Target

This is as casual and comfortable as it gets. With Maxi skirts you can of course dress them up or dress them down. This was something thrown together and definitely a comfortable day outfit. 

Now onto some exciting stuff!

I will be doing a GIVEAWAY on Monday courtesy of (kno)Name. What will I be giving away you ask? Well, it is only the coolest watch ever. This watch is called a Flektor and it comes in 10 different colored bands. Let me just share some pictures so you can fully understand just how cool this watch is...

Here is a little bit about (kno)Name and what they are all about:

Stop hiding behind a brand and start repping a product that reflects you. 
The time has come to plant your print, self-actualize, and be (kno)wn. 
Two determined individuals combined forces to birth a brand that believes that the promotion of people is more important than the promotion of their brand. Whether it is by replacing our logo with your signature or personal QR code, or by making your dreams come true, we are here to represent you in the most self-actualizing way possible.

Make sure you stop by on Monday and enter the contest! These watches are uni-sex so win one for you or your lover or whoever! (kno)Name has been so nice to give my readers a 15% off code (Use the code: 'RED') to purchase a watch of your own if you aren't the winner or because you obviously will need more colors. Click on the picture below to learn more and explore their website and be excited. So excited.