Monday, December 5, 2011

I showed you earlier how to make your own DIY Sweater!!! Now I wanna show you how mine looks on. I highly suggest you make one. Awesome times 48593.

Pants/Purse: StylesForLess, Boots: WMart, Sweater: DIY

I have an obsession with polka dots and sweaters lately. What a great combo. I just combined them both together!! This isn't anything fancy by any means but it is great for those days that we feel like being comfortable and still looking cute!

Now time for some funny...

That awkward moment when...

-someone asks me what time it is and i look at my watch 3 times before I realize I have no idea. My watches are an accessory. Not to actually tell time. Duh.
-I am having a conversation and telling a really awesome story and I realize NO ONE is listening. So... I stop mid-sentence.
- this girl creates drama like its her job, and she says, "I hate drama so much"... and I laugh silently. Silly girl. You love drama.
-I am in the movie talking to my friend during the previews (really loudly I might add) and it goes silent while going into the next preview and it sounds like I am practically yelling. And... everyone looks.
-I ask the mailman to take back my bills because I don't want them (joking obviously) and he gave me a really annoyed look and walked back to his mailman car. Tough crowd.

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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