Friday, November 25, 2011
leopard print, thrift shopping, Utah fashion blogger

leopard print, Casual Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger

Leopard Print, Thrift Shopping, Fashion Blogger

Pants/Vest: Styles For Less || Shoes: Simply Vera Wang (Kohls) || Shirt: Thrifted ($4)

So remember that one time I bought three animal print shirts in two days?? yeah.... I kinda like it.

Welp, today is black Friday. I work 17 hours today, yes 17 hours. Straight. I start at 5am and end at 10pm. I am hoping the day flies by so I can get home and sleep and be up to work again the next day. So exciting. I sure love the holidays, but working retail is tiring during holidays. Wish me luck. The crazies come out in the early morning to snag deals and some are not so nice. 

Watermelon rockstar will be getting me through this day. Straw and all.

Wish me luck!!