Thursday, November 10, 2011
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green cardigan, striped shirt

key necklace

tights, brown boots, combat boots, shorts

brown boots, combat boots
 Cardigan: Delias || Shirt: Old Navy || Shorts: Kohls || Boots: KMart

That is rain you see in those pictures!!! Shorts are still part of winter wear. Add some leggings or tights and BAM!!! Utilize all summer wear for the winter too. Why not?!!

I had my weekly thrifting trip yesterday. I usually save it for a day when I need shopping therapy to forget about frustrations. I spent an hour and a half looking. Spent 27 dollars and got:
a skirt, cardigan, christmas sweater (awesome), vest, shirt and shoes. Now that is some bargain shopping. You will be seeing my new stuff soon don't you worry!!

If you can see my nails, I just need to tell you how awesome they are real quick. Has anyone heard of Shellac?? Well its my new best friend. This is the second time I have got it done. Its a fingernail polish and it stays on for 3ish weeks. Mine lasted 4 last time. Re-doing fingernail polish everyday is such a huge pain in the bum. I would highly highly suggest getting this done. You won't regret it. I have lots of fun plans when my nails are ready to be re-done again!!

ps. I'm doing a little giveaway tomorrow so don't forget to stop by and enter!!