Monday, November 7, 2011
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floral dress, white cardigan, grey leggings

brown boots, lace up boots, leg warmers

feather leg warmers, flower dress
Cardigan/Leg Warmers: Styles For Less, Dress: Kohls, Necklace: H&M, Boots: KMart Fossil Watch ($5): Thrifted

Another start to another week. Lets start it off with some laughs eh?!

That awkward moment when...

My foot is asleep (hardcore asleep) and I jump out of bed and I fall on my face... sad thing is no one is there to see it. What a waste of falling on my face. (hubs would have loved this one)
- I am working and I say how are you ladies doing today?? Turns out one is a guy. He wasn't too happy. Sorry!
-A six year old at Wal Mart says to his Mom.... isn't she too old to dress up for Halloween?... well I guess its a good thing he knew I was dressed up right??!!
- The guy that works at Wendy's knows my name. And I wonder why I can't lose weight
- I'm checking out and the cashier says, "thanks for coming in" and I say,  "you too"
-I notice this girls zipper is down but I don't want to tell her because 1. I have no idea who she is and 2. I don't want to explain why I was even looking. (Just to justify myself, I always look at girls outfits... its how I find cute ideas and new clothing, I'm not a creep).
-I pull the push door. Twice. 

Have a great Monday!!!