Friday, October 14, 2011
Me and my friend Jess made a goal chart. Not just any goal chart!! Wanna know why? It has pictures. We got a few magazines and cut out pictures and words and made these fun charts. We were a little bored and avoiding homework. Sometimes we like to do kid crafts. 
Obviously this is great for anyone. If you have kids they can make fun goals by drawing and gluing pictures, you can do it as a family together or individually like we did.

This is my goal chart:

Utah Fashion Blogger, Goal chart, MOdest fashion blogger

I wrote 15 goals...clearly a few were sarcastic, but it was a fun little project.
Let me share some of my goals with you.

1. Get rich...or die trying
2. Travel
3. It's okay to say WTF sometimes
4. Love my puppy to death
5. Be stronger in every way
6. Be pretty tough
7. Be unforgettable and do great things
8. Be happy with the great life I have been given
9. Be confident
10. Be wise, and hot like Cameron Diaz
11. Be comfortable with my body, and occasionally work out :)
12. Drink this (water) instead of eating this (ice cream and brownies)
13. Who cares about how many dirty looks I get. Be me. Be fashion.
14. Wear this awesome-ness to work out
15. Fashion is my passion. Keep doing it.
16. Pass my awful research class
17. Graduate
18. Blog my face off

And those are my goals. Kinda silly, but fun. Jessica's chart is a little more appealing to the eye balls. Let me share...

Try and make one. Its fun. Promise.

Enjoy your weekend. Make a chart and if you do, share :)