Monday, August 1, 2011
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Striped Shirt, White Skirt, Black Belt

Black Vest, Black Belt

Black hand bag, GenX Watch

Black Heels, white skirt

Shirt: TJMaxx || Necklace/Vest/Belt: Styles For Less || Skirt: Thrifted || Shoes: Rue 21 || Watch: GenX || Rings: Gift/Rue 21 || Photography: Deone Thornton Photography

Ever since I was little I have learned that it is important to find a talent and to utilize it. Searching for a talent was not an easy task. Growing up in an athletic family, I tried just about every sport. I started with dance, and moved onto everything from baseball, soccer, basketball and of course volleyball. After trying everything volleyball just stuck. I can't say it ever came naturally to me. Some girls could walk into the gym and be as good as me after six months of practice. Its a frustrating thing. I will admit looking back that I could have put a lot more energy into getting better, but I didn't. I was a teenager and wanted to have fun. After High School I went to play for Dixie State College. I played for two years. As us girls that were there those two years say, It was the best and worst two years of our lives (and that is a whole different story). What a crazy fun roller coaster! 
When I knew that my volleyball career was over I was crushed. I had never felt so empty. It was the only thing that was always there for me. I could always count on. And it was over. I hadn't had a life without year-around constant volleyball since I was 12. Having that around was really a therapy for me.Whatever I was feeling went away when I stepped onto the court. Just a feeling that i can't describe. The competition, the games, the fans, and feeling like a part of something.
After a little bit I got an opportunity to go and play in Arkansas. What a great experience. I learned so much and most importantly grew a lot and made some pretty amazing friends. While I was in Arkansas I had major knee problems. They came out of nowhere. I had never had any sort of knee problems in my life. Never. It makes me wonder if it happened for a reason, but it did end my career as a collegiate player. It was almost just as heart wrenching as the first time around. I was so confused. So many choices. Stay and get surgery or go home and get surgery. I had to have my family around so I went home. It just felt right even though it hurt so much.
It took me over seven months to get my knee back to normal. Volleyball will never be the same. I feel like a piece of me is gone. The one thing I could always look forward to is gone. So here I am now. Looking for something to fill that HUGE hole that volleyball left.
My new therapy is shopping, and putting together outfits, and anything that has to do with fashion. It will never give me the feeling that volleyball did but I sure do love it. I envy those people I see that have such amazing talents. So if you have them, cherish them. Share them and follow your heart so you never have any regrets. I don't know if its too late in life to develop new talents but I sure am going to try..

Happy Monday all!


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  1. I love this post! I felt it was so genuine and raw- exactly what people (like me) want to read. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. love this post/outfit. sooo many of the same emotions jay :( we'll find something, someday.