Thursday, July 28, 2011
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Mustard Flatts, Blue Leggings

Mustard Handbag, Thrifted

Red Shorts, Striped Top, Blue Belt

Shirt: Thrifted || High Waist Shorts: Thrifted || Leggings/Belt: F21 || Shoes: Target || Handbag: Thrifted || Photography: Deone Thornton Photography

I hope everyone is paying attention to my outfits and not my face/hair. I swear every time I take photos my hair hates me. So I'm just warning ya. Don't hate, and expect it. One day I'll have awesome hair. Don't hold me to that though. 
When I found this shirt I knew that I had to find red shorts/pants to go with it. I just had to. As I was thrift shopping I found those red high-waist shorts. Ahhhhhh amazing. I was so happy I almost died. Anything with a high-waist I LOVE. I would have loved them more if they were pants but long pants aren't very easy to find. Especially thrift shopping.
If any of you have never been thrift shopping I challenge you to try. Bring $15 and plan on spending time. It takes time. I promise you will find something awesome. Promise. I look forward to my weekly trips. Its so exciting! Enjoy!