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Top: Nordstrom || Jeans: (similar herehere) || Flats: Zara || Hat: J. Crew || Louis Vuitton Bag: HERE || Photos: The High Pines

I am officially 30!!! Ahhh Can you believe it?! I have dreaded this day for YEARS. Yesterday while in Hawaii these girls at a table next to us were talking about someone who is 30 and how she is so old. My heart sank a little and I thought, I don't want to be old!!! lol Well, I'm 30 whether I like it or not. I have been through some stuff in my 30 years. Some of this stuff was awful, some amazing, and most of all a lot of life lessons. I have grown in so many different ways and I now know who I am and i'm happy and confident and I'm still learning. I am excited to share these 20 things with you in hopes that they might somehow help you along the way in your 20's or even in your 70's! Here we go!

1. Marriage has its bumps, no matter who you are married to. Find a good person who you can conquer those bumps with. If you didn't know, I was married at 22 and married again at 25. I'm not a marriage pro by any means, but I have been around the block. Don't ever compare your relationship to anyone else's relationship, because you have NO idea what is going on behind closed doors!! PS Second time was a charm for me. Yes to online dating. That is where I met my now husband. He is one amazing guy. <3

2. Life will never go as expected. If you have a plan, sure, that plan MIGHT work out. But, most likely not. And that is okay. Be flexible. I always like to hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

3. Stop caring. I covered this in my last post, but the older I have gotten, the less I care about what others think of me, and it is SO NICE!!! Not everyone is gong to support your ideas, and that is okay. It’s not their journey, it’s yours!! No matter what you do or say someone is going to have some sort of opinion. If you don’t care, life will be easier. I mean, if I cared about what people thought of me when I started working for a direct sales company, I wouldn't be where I am. Literally in Hawaii spending almost 2 weeks just hanging with my family. Because we can. Freedom my friends. Listen to your gut, and don't give a second thought to the haters. Cheers! 

4. College is meh. We are taught to go to college after High School. I do realize that a lot of people need a degree for their specific field which is great, but…. if you are just going to go, don’t be surprised if after 4-6 years of trying to get that degree, you get paid minimum wage and have student loan payments coming out of your ears. Let me explain further... getting a college degree is like graduating high school now (even big corporations have said this as they look for candidates). I think it's great if you don't have direction or a plan yet, which most 18 year olds don't. I needed college. I played volleyball in college which was good for me in many different ways. The school part, I can't say I got anything out of that to be 100% honest. My husband however, did not need college. He was already running his own business, and he had a hard time sitting in a class room listening to something he already knew and was irrelevant when he knew he could be at home growing his business and gaining experience in the real adult world. Essentially it was a waste of time for him. He taught himself everything he knows via the world wide web, experience, pod casts etc... Stuff teachers don't teach. I mean, have I used Algebra in my life after college? No. Have I used science? No. Have I used geology? Definitely no. The crazy thing is all our friends who went to school for 6-8+ years with these master degrees, still aren't making as much as my husband (or me hehe) and they have an insane amount of debt. The system seems a little backwards to me. If Charly wants to go to college, we already have it saved and ready for her. If she chooses something else, we will fully support that too. Nothing against it, just my opinions, experiences and observations. :)

5. People will disappoint you. Friends, family, strangers, mankind…. they will all disappoint you at some point. Life is too short to dwell on these disappointments. Forgive and forget and also refer back to #3.

6. Find what you love, do it and be your best. Who cares if it isn’t what you are “supposed to do”. Life is SO SHORT!! Be a garbage man if you want. Bake cakes if you want. Being happy, fulfilled and your best and happiest self is all that matters.

7. Sleep is the BEST. When I was in college (yes I did that 6 years of who knows what) I never slept. I stayed up late, I woke up early, and I never stopped. Sleep is my BFF now. If you don’t have kids, sleep a lot. Enjoy it, soak it in, and take naps. Those will be a thing of the past soon. ;) 

8. People don’t owe you anything. This may be a “millennial” mentality, but I used to think, I have been a good person my whole life, why did this happen to me?! News flash, life happens. No one owes you anything, no matter how amazing you are. Bad things happen, and what defines us is how we react to those things. You can choose to use every experience to grow as a person. You always have a choice.

9. Kindness is key. Be kind to everyone. Even if someone is a total jerk to you, be kind back. You never know what they are going through and I strongly believe that one nice thing you do or say, could have a ripple affect and could change a lot of people’s days around. How cool is that to think about?

10. Don’t be a victim. Even if you are dealing with something crappy, don’t blame your actions and behavior on others. Just don’t. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and start believing in yourself instead.

11.You don’t know everything. Now-a-days we all have really strong opinions on everything. Parenting, life, jobs…. but guess what?! Someone else also has opinions too, and they are different than yours. That doesn’t mean they are wrong. Be a good human, you aren’t the only right one. Respect other people's opinions and again, move on with your life.

12. I have found there are two kinds of people. People who are ambitious and people who are okay with mediocrity. I for one like to surround myself with ambitious people. I am not one to be mediocre or to sit back and let others do the hard work. No thanks. 

13. Hard work pays off. Ummm yes yes yes. I wish I could shout this from a mountain top. And to be quite honest, it’s the only way to actually achieve anything. Luck and chances and all that are just that. But hoping to beat the odds instead of doing things to beat the odds is a very bad plan. 

14. No matter how you feel.. get up, dress up, show up and never give up. I am so grateful I started showing up to things. This is a hard one for me being anxious and anti-social, but I have never regretted going out of my comfort zone and leaving the house!! It takes a whole lot of effort sometimes, but always worth it!

15. Keep a planner. The older I get, the more my brain cells disappear. I am pretty sure that is a thing. My life runs much more smoothly with my planner! I write down everything and oddly enough I get a sense of fulfillment when I check off the things on my to-do list for the day. #dorky I know.

16. Be patient. Some (most) things are not worth getting upset over. If it isn’t life threatening, be patient. And yes, I am still working on this one. Having a toddler has re-tested my patient skills all over again! lol 

17. Set aside time for YOU. Life gets crazy. No matter what it takes, do something for yourself. I for one live for getting my nails, toes, lashes and hair done every month. It’s not only a time to socialize, but it also makes me feel great about myself!! 

18. Stop complaining. If you don’t like something, change it. If you hate your job, leave. You are not a tree, you are not stuck there!! My hubby is really good with this one. If he doesn't like something, we move onto plan B. So grateful for him teaching me this. If you aren't making the money you want, find new opportunities. It's as simple as that. Always be looking to progress in life. Never stay stagnant. 

19. Ask when you need help. I have a hard time asking for help, but I have learned there are so many amazing people out there that love each and every one of you. If you need help, ask!! You are allowing someone to serve you which makes them feel great, all while helping you!! If you don't allow others to help, you are literally taking away blessings from other people. Cool way to think of it right?! It's true.

20. Travel as much as you can. The more I travel, the more I learn. The more I am thankful for what I have and how I was raised. The more I want to move too. ;) I have fallen in love with so many cities and states over the last year of traveling. I feel so lucky to live in a world that has so many beautiful and diverse places!! Take every opportunity you can to travel, even if it's just enjoying your own city and state!! 

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