Tuesday, March 29, 2016
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Lingerie, How to feel sexy again after having a baby, Utah Fashion Blogger

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You! Lingerie, Tulips, Nursing Lingerie

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Tulips, Lingerie, Bra

Lingerie, Utah Fashion blogger, You! Lingerie

Tulips, Bra, Lace Bra

Tulips, You! Lingerie, Chemise

Chemise, Nightie, You! Lingerie

Chemise c/o: You! Lingerie || Bra c/o: You! Lingerie || Photos: The High Pines

This has been a sensitive subject for me. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about my new body and the new changes I am facing. It gets discouraging seeing so many women bounce back to having a six pack 3 weeks after having a baby. I have come a long way. Sure, my baby is only 3 1/2 months old, but it has been a hard 3 1/2 months. So hard, that I am sharing my story and trials with you and sharing a few tips on how to feel sexy again after having a baby! I hope this will be beneficial to at least someone!

This might get personal, but let me just throw this out there. I am sharing these things, my story, my struggles and my thoughts because I KNOW other women can relate. I know there are other women out there that are struggling with the same things I have struggled with. If I can help even one person, this post was worth it. 

During this shoot I probably said 30 negative things about myself. I posted a video on FB recently that talked about women's views on their body. It was heartbreaking to see how many women called themselves fat, chubby and expressed their dissatisfaction with their bodies. After I watched this I made a goal. A goal to be more positive about my body. I mean, I literally just grew a human and then pushed that said human out of my body. It did some major damage. I got the bad end of my genes and got a crazy amount of stretch marks as well. I DO NOT want Charly growing up worrying about her body image so I told myself starting now, I have to change. A friend of mine commented on the post saying her 4 year old grabbed her tummy the other day and said she was fat!! :( Our little ones notice what we do and what we say, so we have to teach them to love their bodies!

I'm putting myself out there with this post. I'm showing the world that it is possible to feel sexy, even with our changed bodies. When I look at these (and many other fully dressed) pictures my eyes instantly go to the areas where I feel most uncomfortable. My husband tells me every day that I am beautiful, so now it's my turn to tell myself that and to start believing it. 

Here are a few tips on how to feel sexy again after having a baby:

1. Check out You! Lingerie and buy yourself something nice. Why? Because you have changed, your needs have changed, and you deserve to feel sexy again. I love love love You! Lingerie for so many reasons, but the biggest being these pieces were made for pregnant and nursing mommas! The nursing and maternity chemise and the bra straps pull down for easy feedings! This makes it easy to wear the nightie to bed and the bra during the day. Not only will you be feeling better about yourself and have some cute new flirty pieces, but i'm sure our significant others won't complain right?!

2. Don't compare. Some people have great genes and bounce back immediately. Some people work their butts off to bounce back as well. Most of the time we only see the positive side of this on social media so it makes everyone else feel like our bodies have failed us. Comparing is the fastest way to tear yourself down. Just remember what your body has done, the gift it has given you, and also remember that everyone is different and everyone struggles with different things!

3. Change your thoughts and words. This one is the most important. Everything is mental. When I first got my You! Lingerie pieces in the mail, I wore the nightie the first night. Let me just tell you how much that helped with my mind set. I know, this sounds crazy but hear me out! I normally wear big baggy homeless looking clothes to bed. Does this make me feel good? Definitely not. Does this make me want to go and cuddle with my husband? Nope! Looking like garbage translates directly to how I feel about myself. When I wore the nightie although its nothing too revealing, it changed my mind set. I didn't feel all big and baggy and gross. Even if you do not have a significant other, this one is for us. You deserve to feel good, even if that means hiding under cute lingerie!

4. Make *realistic goals! Let me share with you my goals. My goals were to get a few lingerie type items to help me feel sexy again. Thanks to You! Lingerie I did just that. Next, I made a goal to work on small things. I know my body is not going to change overnight. I'm making goals to eat healthier, go on walks and even goals to do things to help with stretch marks! My next goal is my hardest. Every morning I have to look in the mirror and say one positive thing about myself. Like I said before, this is all mental. The more we rag on ourselves the worse it will be. 

5. Be patient with yourself, your body, your thoughts.. everything. If you have a bad day and eat everything you see, say negative things about yourself and feel like giving up (story of the last 3 months for me)... don't!!! Tomorrow is a new day! Bad days happen.

I hope this post has helped someone out there. Anyone! This has been such a huge struggle for me and some days I feel so hopeless I just want to give up completely. I'm putting this out there and I hope you will join me in being more positive about our beautiful child bearing bodies, and setting and achieving our goals!

Make sure to check out You! Lingerie and start out this new journey by buying something nice for yourself! I promise it will be one purchase you will never regret!

I will be giving away some lingerie on Instagram tonight so make sure to come find me (@jalynnschroeder) to enter!

I love you all and thank you again for the support!


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