Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Choies, Post Partum Outfit, Striped Dress

Jane.com, Choies, Utah Fashion Blogger

Postpartum Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger, Modest Fashion Blogger

Flowy Outfit, Layers, Utah Fashion Blogger

Nicole Lee, Choies, Long Cardigan, Striped Tee Dress

Layers, Striped Dress, Utah Fashion Blogger

Striped Dress, Choies, Layered Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger

Nicole Lee, Crossbody Bag, Studs

Dress: Jane.com || Cardigan c/o: Choies || Purse c/o: Nicole Lee || Booties: Ross (similar here & here) || Scarf: H&M || Photos: The High Pines



For the next few months I will be sharing lots of postpartum friendly outfits. As much as I wanted to be that girl, my body DID NOT go back to how it was before. I have a saggy belly, stretch marks, the whole works. I'm not trying to come off as perfect or to fool anyone about ever being pregnant. My body did something amazing and even though I know my body is changed forever, it gave me the greatest gift ever. I love my little Charly! 

So.. my first postpartum outfit I am doing some major flowy layering. This outfit was inspired by the Olsen Twins. They pull off the flowy layers better than anyone else! Wearing flowy layers helps hide the not so great areas. I gained 55 pounds during my pregnancy. and I have lost 30, so I still have quite a bit more to go. 

In these photos I am wearing spanx (best ever). They suck in the loose skin and belly. When I'm at home I wear a wrap (see below) on top of of the spanx and that has helped SOOO much. I also started using Medina stretch mark and scar products. They also helped so much. Unfortunately when I got PUPP (pregnancy rash from the devil)  I had to stop using the creams. They made my stretch marks so much lighter when I was using it. I can't wait to start using it again! I also started using the derma roller as well. I have only used it once, so I am excited to see the results of that! You can check out and shop these products I use below.


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