Wednesday, October 7, 2015
Maternity Overalls, Thrift Shopping, Stripes, Utah Fashion Blogger

Modest Fashion Blogger, Maternity Outfit, Pregnant Fashion

Pregnant Outfit, Maternity Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger

Maternity Outfit, Pregnant Style, Fall Outfit

Stripes, Maternity Jumpsuit, Utah Fashion Blogger

Pregnant Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger, Maternity Outfit, Fall Outfit

Maternity Top: ASOS || Maternity Overalls: Thrifted (similar styles linked below) || Heels: Windsor Store || Belt: GAP

Another week gone by!! Thank goodness! :)

I'm getting a little personal today, cuz ya know, this is my diary (The Red Closet Diary, get it?). ;) This week has been an interesting/hard/happy/emotional one. So here is the sitch.....I had a plan in my head when I got pregnant of where I would be at when I had the baby and what I would do once she came. I have always been a worker, always will be. I enjoy it, it's rewarding to me, and I'm not one to want to be at home all day. Well, plans change.

Due to quite a few things and me and my husband deciding that being a SAHM (stay at home mom for you newbies) is most important for our family, I put in my two weeks at work. I debated and prayed and thought about this for months and months. I wanted to wait longer and not leave until the baby came (or never leave at all), but my answer was now.

I am not writing this post to hate on my job, but I will say it was a very rough couple years. Mostly due to a certain individual(s) (-sometimes). When everyone else left, I stuck it out. At the same time, it was a great two years. Through hard things you always find good things, or even great things. The relationships I created was one of those great things. Due to more very unfortunate things that I won't mention, my two weeks got cut short by 13 days. I quit my job on Tuesday. As much as I might have made certain people mad (obviously not my intentions), it was the best thing for me to do. Anyone in my situation would have done the same thing and I was told that by 100% of anyone who knew what happened. Wish I could share, but like I said, don't want to spread the hate. :)

Being somewhere for two years, I felt like I was breaking up with someone that has been a HUGE emotional part of my life. Putting so much time, energy and emotions into something and than feeling like it didn't matter was the rough part of this week. I broke up with a huge relationship and unfortunately found out who really valued me, and who didn't.

And here comes the point of all this. Through hard things we learn lessons, right?! Although I don't love how people were treated, how things were handled in the past and were handled this week, I had to do what was best for me in the situation and I can not, I repeat, CAN NOT control how other people act or deal with a situation. All I can do is control my attitude and how I act towards the situation. And this is where I move forward with my life. With a good attitude and happy face. :) :)

I have already been presented with a few opportunities that work so perfect with baby, and I know my hard work will always pay off. I feel blessed to be married to such a supportive guy who works harder than anyone I have ever met. I have lots of exciting things coming and regardless of other people I will continue to work hard and be me! :)

If you made it through that spill..... thanks! I will save you the extra words and skip chatting about this outfit today except... pregnant overalls are my fav. These were also $7 thrifted overalls, so.... enough said. :)

Here are some other maternity overalls at all different price points that are maternity fab!

This weeks pick is...... Posh Classy Mom!

I am loving the green pants lately, if you didn't notice from my last post here! :) I love the top paired with these studded heels as well! The perfect fall outfit!

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