Monday, October 12, 2015
Leopard Dress, Maternity Outfit, Utah Fashion Blogger

Leopard Dress, Pregnant

Outfit Yours, Sonix Phone Cases, Utah Fashion Blogger

Leopard dress, Pregnant outfit, Maternity Style

Leopard Dress, Utah Fashion Blogger

Outfit Yours, Sonix Phone Cases, Iphone 6S Plus Phone Case

Leopard Dress, Utah Fashion Blogger, Pregnant Style, Go Jane

Go Jane, Leopard Print, Utah Fashion Blogger, Pregnant Outfit

Sonix Phone Case, Outfit Yours, Utah Fashion Blogger

Leopard Dress, Utah Fashion Blogger, Fall Outfit

Dress: Go Jane || Heels: Nordstrom || Phone Case c/o: Outfit Yours


I'm really excited today for two reasons. One, because I am in LOVE with Sonix phone cases and I seriously eye ball them every time I see them in store or online. And two, because I am giving one away (you can enter at the bottom of this post)!!! You better believe I am going to stock up on a few of these (because I obviously need the leopard print and floral print cases too). Do you know how hard it is to find a cute case that actually protects? I drop my phone all. the. time. So... i'm in love. While you wait for me to announce the winner, shop away and get 20% off by using the code REDCLOSET!!  

And.. this dress. I bought this dress for a Vegas weekend husband and I were supposed to go on before I was all big and pregnant. This dress is probably not something I will wear in public again being so pregnant. I feel and look huge and now we can all just laugh about it! ;)

Today I am sharing 10 pregnant things. I can't call them facts because this is just from my experience, and what I have learned. So, we will call them things. And things they shall be. If you are a first time mom these things may come in handy. If you are a pro, feel free to share any tips below!


1. I didn't get morning sickness or throw up. I got allllll day sickness and secretly wished I could throw up and feel less crappy the rest of the day. Tip: eat (small meals) consistently, & suck on Prego Pops! They saved me!

2. Headaches. These were hard, especially while at work. I heard a lot of people go to the chiropractor for these, but I never did/had time. I used Essential Oil Roll On which helped relive the pain a good portion of the time and.... caffeine. Ahhh I know. I tried to stay away, but Doc said it was fine to help me not be so miserable. Tylenol never helped!

3. Stretch marks..... I swear by my stretch mark oil called Mother's Special Blend. I have used it every day my whole pregnancy and didn't bring it while I was gone for a week on vacation. That week my skin was so dry and itchy and I got sooooo many stretch marks. Like, bad. :(

4. Sleep is something you will need, but also something that becomes difficult, especially in the second trimester and on. My Prego Pillow SAVED me. Like, really. I will never not sleep with this again. Pregnant or not! It's heaven!

5. Heartburn is something I am currently dealing with. I am a tad bit anti medicine, but TUMS helps to a certain extent, what also helps is Orbit Green Mint Gum. Weird right? Someone told me this so I tried it and bam, it helped a lot! I have not gotten an over the counter pill I can take that helps, but in general I try to avoid that unless I am to the point of throwing up.

6. Comfort. Being comfortable is huge. I love being in dresses and leggings. There is no need to go crazy on maternity clothing, but if you want the essentials check out ASOS. It has been my favorite place to buy the basics and maybe a few other fun things!

7. Breastfeeding. This is something I had no idea about before. I just thought it was something that was hard but eventually worked out. I had NO idea all of the research and studies behind it, how complicated it really is, and how many tricks there are to help you keep your supply up, get a good latch etc... did you know breastfeeding helps to avoid SIDS, diabetes, and even helps with dental health (avoid cavities) in the future.... SO MANY things! And let's be honest, I don't mind how many calories I will burn by breastfeeding as well as possibly not having a period for a little longer! ;) I learned so much taking a course from an amazing instructor who runs classes called Lactation Link. You can do this in person or online! I am planning on doing both so I can freshen up before baby comes. You can also have her come do home visits and hospital visits to help you with any issues!

8. If you don't have any pregnancy apps yet, get on it. I have about 4, but one is my absolute favorite by a lot. It's called The Bump. Every week it goes over your babies size/weight and everything going on with the baby and all the symptoms you may be dealing with. They also send out a newsletter every few days with really great info! Having this app put me at ease knowing that what I was experiencing was normal and right on track with the fun pregnancy symptoms. I also use BabyBump, Pregnancy (What to Expect), and Pregnancy++. I don't use those very much at all though. The Bump is where it's at!

9. Be as active as you can. I have gained way too much weight and have struggled with eating. Doctor told me to cut out carbs, but I just can't. I was sitting at a desk all day which has changed so I hope to get a little more on track and get some good habits back. Eat as healthy as you can and go on walks, or do any type of physical exercise!! This is my biggest regret, but I did what I could working so much!

10. Enjoy every moment, take lots of pictures, make your husband rub your feet and cook you meals! ;) My husband always puts me first and bends over backwards which has helped so much not only with our relationship, but with the stress and hard pregnant things! Try not to stress over everything and know that it will all work out!

PS. None of these brands above are sponsoring/paying me, these are all my good old first time mom opinions and experiences after research and asking other moms. Just wanted to make that clear. :)


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