Tuesday, June 23, 2015

|| Dress (sold out): Caralase || Sandals: Go Jane || Hat: Urban Outfitters

Stripes again? Geez I know. If someone finds a long short sleeve dress that is not striped let me know. That is apparently all I can find. And I just ordered a few tunic dresses since that is all that I seem to want to wear, and two of them are striped. Not the most flattering on a prego, but I just can't find any other patterns!!

This dress has been a favorite of mine. I also wore it during winter time here. I love how there are multiple ways to style this dress!!

Pregnancy is going good! I still get insane headaches, hurting back every day, sickness when I get too hot, and still really tired all the time. I'm waiting for that second trimester energy to come like everyone tells me! I will definitely take all these symptoms over being nauseated all day every day though!

We find out the gender in 7 days and i'm so excited!! This is the most exciting part because I can start buying and planning a little better! I did a few of the old wives tales, just for the heck of it and all but one said girl so we will see! :)

Hope your week is going great!!


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