Sunday, June 7, 2015

|| Dress: Groopdealz || Denim Button Up (on sale): Macys || Sandals: Target || Sunnies c/o: FREYRS || Necklace c/o: Carrie Grace Shop

Okay lets be honest for a sec. Stripes are not the most flattering on a prego belly. I have this dress in two colors and it is soooo comfortable so regardless of how flattering it is, I will still wear it. There are only so many things that are comfortable!!!

I am finally feeling better woohoo! I have my random moments of sickness that hit me at really weird times. Like, at church. One thing that makes me supppper sick instantly is being hot. More than being hungry! We went to church yesterday and during Sacrament (our first meeting) the chapel was SOOOO hot. Well, I got very sick and had to go home. It took me out the rest of the day. Has anyone else experienced this? It's okay if i'm hot on the outside and i'm in the sun, but if I get hot inside thats when it goes downhill. Weird right? I mean, weird to me because I have no idea.

I have learned quickly that everyone's bodies are so different. I showed early, and I know people due the same month as me or before and they aren't showing at all. I have gained a little weight in my face and arms, and I was having a hard time with it at first, but I am learning to embrace it. I can eat healthy and exercise, but my body is going to do what it needs to do. And that is okay so I can have a healthy baby!! :)

I hope your weekend was great!!!


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