Sunday, April 12, 2015

|Dress c/o: Lucy & Lylah || Heels: Go Jane || Purse: ShoeDazzle

Today I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone. This dress is not something I would normally pick out or wear. Since I always tell all of you to go out of your comfort zones, I thought I would back that up and do it as well. I'm sure most of my outfits are out of most people's comfort zones so it is probably funny that this outfit is outside mine. Well not only due to the bright color, I have never been comfortable in these types of dresses. Let's be honest. They are not the most flattering since I am not a size 0. But, it was comfortable and flowy and fun to try something different!

Now, lets talk about sandals. I have purchased way too many this year already so I have to share a few!! I think splurging is necessary on a few things every once in a while. If its something you like, but don't love, the save option definitely works! Check out a few of my favorites and below you will find where they are from!


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