Tuesday, October 14, 2014

|| Dress: Old Navy
|| Jacket: Forever 21
|| Booties: 6PM
|| Necklace c/o: Lilli & Tori
|| Tights: Francesca's
|| Beanie: Forever 21
|| Purse: Nordstrom

Before I talk about my apparent love for plaid, I need to discuss this amazing necklace. I am not a big jewelry person. I like longer necklaces and dainty. Not really a fan of statement necklaces. This necklace caught my eye for a few reasons. It is cool and unique, and it is a bullet. So cool and different! 

Lilli & Tori have such amazing jewelry. If this isn't your style they also have a more statement looking necklace that is GORGEOUS called the Elizabeth Stone Necklace. Check that baby out! Those two are probably my favorites! 

Sometimes during seasons I get stuck on a certain pattern/print and I just want everything in that print. If you can't tell.... plaid has consumed my closet. I love it. 

Welp. That's all folks. I'm watching Vampire Diaries and must let it consume my brain before bed. ;) 


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