Thursday, March 20, 2014

| Bodysuit: Forever 21
| Vest: Nordstrom
| Skirt: ASOS
| Heels: Cotton On
| Photography: Leslee Rae Photography

Guys, I am obsessed with spring colors. I just want everything neon and floral and bright. Remember back in 2nd grade (my 2nd grade at least) when bodysuits (aka leotards) were so cool? Well, they are back and I LOVE them. I have worn a similar leotard (long sleeved style) quite a few times here, here and here. Why? I hate tucking shirts in and getting wrinkles and bumps where the shirt ends. I love these things. Having a perma wedgie all day may not be my favorite thing, but I think its worth it. Yay for no shirt bumps and awkward wrinkles! If you don't have one, try it. They are less than $10 at Forever 21. You may be a leotard lover! :)

This weekend I have nothing planned, and nothing is what I want to do. After a long week, nothing sounds better than just hanging out with my hubs. #adultproblems right?! Hopefully the sun makes a debut and maybe i'll think about going outside. Hope you have a great weekend! Do something exciting for me and I'll pretend like I did something really cool, eh?! ;)


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