the good, the rad, and the ugly

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shirt: Old Navy, Hat/Leggings: Styles For Less, Purse/Boots: Thrifted, Necklace: Closet Revival

This is what I wore to Imagine Dragons. I could wear these leggings every day. I love them. I found these boots at a vintage store in St. George. I will say these boots were a pretty good find. And now for my favorite Friday fun tradition...

- Went to another concert this week. Fell in love with one of the opening bands (Nico Vega)
- Slowly starting to get our house organized and decorated. When I say slowly, I mean slowly.
-The Office finale. It was so good. I cried. 
- New Girl finale was good too. Real good.
- We are going to St. George this weekend and I am so excited to get away.

- Imagine Dragons live. Loved it.
- I found lots of fun clothing I have been looking for forever (ex: longgg maxi skirts, YES)
- 3 day weekend - WHAT UP!!!!
- Married for a month officially. What a great month it has been. Love him.

- So hubs took me out for sushi this week (even thought he can't eat it, fish allergies) because he is the best and knows it is my favorite. We both ran to the restroom before we left AND awkward moment..... So I was doing my thing in the bathroom... and you know that the cracks in between the stalls are way too big. So this girl gets done and is washing her hands and I look up to see her looking in the mirror and making solid eye contact with me for a good 10 seconds. I couldn't look away but I wanted to. It was so weird. SO weird. Why would she even be trying to look through the crack.. weird..... and this is why it fits under ugly. It makes me uncomfortable even telling you this.
- All this wind blowing dirt into my house, on my house, on my car, in my face.... it's ugly.
- HOA. I understand it, and the other half of me doesn't understand why I am paying someone to boss me around and tell me what color my fence and my house can and can't be. Ugh.
- The tornado.... so ugly and heartbreaking. Please pray for everyone.
- It is an ice cube everywhere I go. I have to cuddle in a blanket at work with a space heater underneath my desk. When I get home I have to put on sweats. I guess that is what happens when you work with guys and live with a guy. How are they always so hot? What's up with that?!

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  1. Your style is so versatile, I love it. I'm especially obsessed with that purse though!

    1. I know I think I am the most random person I know when it comes to style. Most bloggers have a "style" I guess.. I just wear what I feel like for the day. Thanks girl!

  2. I love your Posts Every Week Jalynn, I love your Style. and Congrats for being married a month that is awesome.

    1. Thanks Liz! Hope everything is going well!

  3. Really like the leggings...I have been following your blog now and I really like your style :-)

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