the good, the rad, and the ugly

Thursday, May 2, 2013
12 days later, and we are back.

Yes I am going to bombard you with photos. Sorry (but not really) in advance.

For our honeymoon we went on a 7 day cruise, and spent 4 days extra in Florida. Well this may sound like the best getaway ever, but just about everything that could go wrong, did. Maybe not everything, but it sure felt like it. The important thing is we are alive, we are home and still very very happy. :)

I decided to start doing something a little more fun on Fridays. It's the weekend and stuff, so why the heck not?! I shall call it, the good, the rad, and the ugly. I will sum up my week within these three categories instead of writing novels like I am now... oops sorry. 

This outfit was one of our formal nights. I was probably the least formal there. I didn't really think about packing a super fancy dress and now I am bummed that I didn't. Packing happened after our reception, at 2 am before our flight left at 6 am. So, I just threw stuff together. Not like me at all, but I was too tired to care.

Can't forget to include my HUBBY. weird, hubby. Sure love saying that. :)

Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt/Heels: Target, Necklace: Royal Carribean store, Bracelet:

This is the extent of my formal wear. I am loving the fun bright colors though. Found this necklace on my cruise, for $10. Pretty happy about this find. 

Coming up next week, I have A LOT of beach wear outfits I will be sharing, and a packing guide for summer vacations, along with honeymoon pictures. Excited to share! Now for the good, the rad, and the ugly...

- I'm married!! eeek!
- 12 day honeymoon. Very good. Much needed.
- The food on our cruise, and off our cruise, and any chance we got to eat food.
- Our reception. It was beautiful. 
- Came home to a real life house. OUR house. holler!
- All the shows on the cruise. Good laughs.
- Having all my best friends at my wedding. Made our special day amazing!
- I managed to only bring two suitcases. Record for me. 
- We managed to make our series of unfortunate and expensive events, into memorable moments. We make a pretty good team. Pound it like the Joe's. 

- My hubby (he made me write this).
- We walked under water with space helmets with the fishies. Super rad.
- My bachelorette party (this could also fit under "the ugly" category. hehe)
- MIB ride at Universal Studios. I love me some gun time.
- The Mummy ride. Best ride at Universal.
- Watching 8 DreamWorks movies on our cruise including The Croods 3D (go see it, we loved it). 
- Watching the Dad off of the Disney channel show "That's So Raven" do stand-up comedy on our cruise. He is a funny man. Who would have ever known?
- I got a tad bit of the nauseous dizziness on the cruise. I had to hold onto Saunder everywhere we went so I didn't tip over. A few people made comments such as, "that girl is already drunk and holding on, and its only noon". Those comments made us giggle. 

- Missing our cruise
- Paying 5 million dollars (exaggeration) to book a whole new cruise with another ship because our airplane decided not to work.
- United Airlines (I might have bad feelings for a while).
- My food baby. 7 months along food baby. Yes, it's that bad.
- Our stupid (brand new) camera breaking halfway into our honeymoon.
- Hungry and tired Jalynn and Saunder.
- Me, not sleeping and working 15 hours yesterday. 
- My hair, the entire honeymoon. Hat day, everyday.
- Some TMI stuff that can't be mentioned. Trust me on this one.

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