almost. and some inspiration.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hat: Kohls, Dress/Cardigan: Target, Clock Necklace/Socks: Forever 21, Wishbone Necklace:, Leggings: Nordstrom, Shoes: Cotton On

Almost almost almost. bla bla bla. Sometimes I almost hate that word. I am almost done with wedding stuff, my house is almost done, I have almost got my body in the shape that I want it to be in. Can't wait until almost is not in any of those sentences anymore. If you follow me on Instagram you now know that my two-a-days started on Tuesday. Yes it has only been a day. It is crunch time and I need to start keeping up with the boyfriend. He is pounding out two-a-days and making this girl proud. He is such a great example. They (not sure who they is) always says to find a person who will make you want to be better in every way. Well, he does it for me. He doesn't tell me I need to go to the gym or I need to do this or that. He works his butt off and inspires me through his example, and love. I love him so much I want to be my best self for him. After a lot of experience, I now know this is what it is all about. This is LOVE and a REAL relationship. Yay!

I started Herbalife almost 3 weeks ago. I am down almost 10 pounds and counting  My goal is not to lose weight. Don't freak out. I am actually trying to gain (muscle) weight and lose body fat. So in the end I won't have ended up losing much looking at the scale, but I should be a heck of a lot more ready to be in a bikini for the honeymoon. In shape and stuff. Just this time, not round as a shape if ya know what I mean.

I have been fighting with my love of food and my goals and my want to be better for years. When I say years, I mean pretty much my whole life. Chocolate and junk food have won my whole life. It has been a social thing for me, comfort, and what I turned to when I was sad, mad, happy and everything in between. I ate until I couldn't breath and it was dragging me down. I have never let myself be completely healthy and clean and seen what my body can do. Time for a change!!! I am feeling healthier and stronger and have more energy. Now who doesn't want that feeling?! Before I never thought I could go a week or even a couple days without my favorite junk food. I was eating thousands of calories in chocolate and fast food. Now, I am saving money and I feel WONDERFUL. I don't crave that stuff at all. Not at all. 

I am not a fan of 'show your body off' pictures, but If I reach my goal I will be sharing my before and after pictures. One, because I will be so excited. Two, to show you that it's possible. Three, if I can do it, ANYONE can. And four, to hold me accountable to not letting my healthy self go again.  Also, you should find a significant other who inspires you to help you reach your goals. jokes. but not really. 

I wore this outfit this weekend to a lovely 90th birthday party for the cutest old man ever. Boyfriend's Grandpa! He is such a sweetie, hilarious and has some dang good dance moves. We both (me and boyfriend) wore hats that day because we decided sleeping in was more important than getting ready. I bet most of you might agree. :)

Happy Wednesday lovlies!