Aztec, Addresses and SUJA Juice Cleanse

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fedora: Styles For Less, Jacket: Papaya, Shirt: Old Navy, Pants/Boots/Necklace: H&M

And this is cute boyfriend after I gave him his favorite [but really, not so favorite] LIPSTICK KISS! He would only allow me to post this much of the picture, but doesn't he look fab? ;)

Happy Wednesday!

These are some of my favorite pants. I love the crazy prints and a fun lipstick to go along with it. 

Tomorrow we finally get to meet with our builder and show him the colors we chose for the house. Progress is what I like! Everything is falling in place and it feels so great. We are starting to collect addresses and all that fun stuff SOOO... If you would like an invite please click below and put your address in:

Next item of business...


I decided to do this fun challenge for 6 days. 

I can say this is the easiest cleanse I have done. They are delicious and filling. Besides spilling GLOW on my white shirt, today was a success! My least favorite was the FIJI drink, only because I am not the biggest fan of celery. I still didn't mind it. I have heard nothing but great things about this so I hope I get the results I am hoping for!